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!The majority of these questions are taken from, this section will be updated regularly with the most recent questions being placed at the top!

Kay Writes

I Used to watch Neighbours when I was a kid. Now I find myself switching on to watch you, later I'll probably go to sleep and dream about you!

Hmmm...Interesting problem. As your doctor, I would advise you to tape the show and repeat viewing until satisfied. Love Mark.


Lucy Writes

I think you are an exceptional actot, and you and Alan Fletcher are what keep me interested in the show.

Hi Luce, thanks for your encouragement - one autograph coming your way! Acting with Alan is great fun, we have a lot of laughs. Hes a fine actot and wonderful to work with. Take care. Love Mark


Jane Writes

1) What's it like to be adored by girls over the world? 2) Do you work out at the gym? 3) Do you plan to stay on Neighbours for a while?

Hey, Jane, check your post - autograph is on the way. Now 1) You've made my day. 2) Occasionally, 3) Hopefully!


Katie Writes

How did you feel when you got the part of Darcy?

Thanks for writing Katie. As you can imagine , I was wrapped to be told I was to be Darcy. It's been great so far and everyone here is great to work with. Take care over there. Love Mark


Trina Writes

How r u? Have u any plans 2 come 2 England? Even though your character is mean it's hard 2 hate u with such a sweet face!

Hi Trina. Thankyou for writing . I'm well - hope u r 2. I might be in the UK for Christmas look out. Darcy is a sweet guy underneath it all. Love Mark.


Missy & Sarah ask

Do you prefer being evil, or do you like the new kind Darcy?

Hi Missy and Sarah, Darcy is a mixture of Angel and Devil. I like the fact that he's able to be both. It keeps him interesting to play. Keep watching. Love Mark


Chocolate Pudding asks

Are you like your character in any way?

Dear Chocolate, I am but only when he is nice! Love Mark.


Mijntje and Anne Zaat Write

It must be so much fun playing the evil villain in Neighbours. What is the best scheme/plan you have ever come up with in your personal life?

Hi Mijntje and Anne, thanks for watching Darcy! It's lots of fun playing him. As for your question, I'm to ashamed to answer - please understand. Love Mark


Iain Mitchell asks

Are you a real doctor?

No, I Just act like one, although I do have an interest in medical things. Thanks for writing mate, Mark.


Gemma Williams asks

Do you enjoy playing your character of Darcy Tyler, as you have some pretty cool storylines?

Hi gemma, thanks for writing. yes, playing Darcy is fantastic fun. The writers seem to have a ball thinking up dastardly things for him to do which is great. Keep Watching. Love mark


Anna Asks

Hey, I wish you would take your top of more often. My opinion of Darcy changed somewhat after that episode.

Hi Anna!, thanks, I'll see what I can do. Love Mark.


Mark Asks

Are you so deceitful and nasty off-set? No offense, but you play a right scum bag.

Hi Mark, have you ever heard of acting? Cheers and thanks for writing! Mark


Ann Marie Lynch Writes

Do you like playing the bad guy?

Hi Ann marie, thanks for writing. I Sure do - it's great fun! Keep watching. Love Mark


Steven Pope Writes

I'd love to play your part. Who was the best kisser - Dee or Tess?

Hi Steven. I never kiss and tell! Cheers and thanks for writing. Mark


Mike writes

When you started in the show I thought you were a nice guy, why have the scriptwriters turned you into a nasty piece of work? It doesn't suit you.

Hi Mike. It's all fun and games being a bad guy . I much prefer it from an acting point of view. Enjoy hating me, mate! Cheers and thanks for writing , Mark.


Naomi Thompson Writes

What is it like being an actor in Neighbours and do you get time to spend with your family and friends?

Hi Naomi, thanks for writing. Not as much as I used to, but hey, I'm working. Keep watching, love mark.


Faye Writes

I think you are the worst character in Neighbours and really nasty to Karl and Susan , but I guess that means you are doing your job well cos I hate Darcy.

Hi Faye - Thanks for your kind words. It's great fun being bad. I'll be in the UK next year, look out! Love Mark.


Tess asks

How do you think you can last in Ramsay St? You are being so round and arrogant to your aunt and uncle.

Hi Tess, Darcy's just misunderstood, that's all. Trust me. Love mark.


Are you anything like Darcy in real life?

I think the most interesting and challenging things about being an actor is becoming people that are totally different to my everyday self. Of course some aspects of characters I have played are closer to the "real" me then others but that's for me to know and others to guess at.


Are Darcy and Dee ever going to get together again

Nothing is impossible


Are you really a Doctor? If so can you help me?

No I'm an actor pretending to be a Doctor so I can't give out any medical advice - sorry


What are the rest of the cast like to work with?

They are all great people - cast and crew. Neighbours is the happiest set I've ever been on and I feel lucky to work here.


Have you had any real life romances with any of the other cast members?

No . It would be too confusing for all concerned!


How do you and karl get on in real life?

We hate each other's guts and have traded punches many times...just kidding. Working with Alan is the most fun I have on the show - well nearly the most fun.


Kylie W Asks

Why are there never any birthdays in Neighbours?

It's because we are immortal.


Josh asks

Just want to say that Darcy reminds me of Ridge on B&B. This is because you have a different girl every time I see you appear on Neighbours. Keep up the good work and if Brooke comes to Australia I'll be sure to give her your address. Send me your secrets that attribute to your success with woman.

Josh - just being mentioned in the same sentence as Ridge brings a lump to my throat but secrets told are secrets no more - sorry mate - though I could be persuaded to change my mind should the right amount of readies somehow find their way into my mits. Cheers Mark.


Guy asks

Why does your character not go after Flick? She is the most goodlooking person on the show (tell her I said that)

Guy - Flick is actually me - ever notice we are never together in the same shot?


Jan asks

Why Does Darcy always end up with all the new girls?

Hi Jan. It's because I bribe the scriptwriters. Cheers mark