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  Hi Mark. It's certainly been a busy few weeks for Darcy, with Tess calling off their wedding and his plans for the surgery taking off. How's he feeling at the moment?
Mark: Darcy is obviously quite upset about Tess leaving - it was a major blow to his ego, you might say. But he rolls with the punches, and he's chosen to devote all his energy into selling the surgery, and all the wonderful possibilities that that opens up. What exactly are his plans for the surgery?
Mark: Darcy wants to sell it to a company called Total Cover Health. They are a major conglomerate, owing and operating many surgeries like Karl and Darcy's. He sees Total Cover Heath as the way of the future, as they come into areas and undercut local GP's. If they don't sell now, they will eventually be pushed out of the market, and be forced to sell later on at a lower price. He thinks Total Cover Heath's involvement in the surgery is a win-win situation for everyone. They pay a huge sum of money for the surgery, yet Karl and Darcy retain the right to control it and the patients. How does Karl feel?
Mark: Karl believes Total Cover and people like them are the enemy - they provide a depersonalised type of care for patients. He doesn't see eye-to-eye with Darcy at all. Darcy, on the other hand, thinks they can have it all. He shares Karl's ideas about personal care - that was stated very early on when he arrived in the show. But Karl is unwilling to adapt and sees Darcy as selling out. Darcy's credibility rating has dropped somewhat in recent months, following the Dee/Tess debacle. Is he being honest about the deal, or is this just a scam?
Mark: He's being honest. He doesn't see the deal as a cop out, but rather, an opportunity for everyone to become very wealthy. He believes Susan and Karl will be sitting on their yacht reaping the benefits, and they will be grateful to him one day. His motives are good - it's his methods that are questionable. Sounds intriguing. What can we expect in the coming weeks?
Mark: Karl isn't going to give in without a fight! Do you enjoy doing storylines such as these where you are pitted against Karl, played by Alan Fletcher?
Mark: Very much. The dynamic between Darcy and Karl is interesting. They have a love/hate relationship. There is an empathy and a bond in many areas, and in some ways, Karl is very much like Darcy. Much as Karl hates to admit it, he hasn't been exactly spotless in the past and much of what Darcy has done - such as his affair with Tess - mirrors Karl's behaviour. Darcy knows how to push all of Karl's buttons!