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  How long have you been on the show?
A little over a year. I started work on Neighbours on July 30, 2000, at 9am.

What do you like most about your character?
I like Darcy's enthusiasm and tenacity. When he goes for something he grabs it with both hands. I also admire his intelligence and expertise as a doctor.

Do you share any traits with him?
We share the same shoe size.

How do you differ from him?
He is a doctor who speaks his own lines whereas I'm an actor who speaks other peoples.

Do you recall your first scene?
I had to bandage Dee's (Madeleine West's) foot. I cut myself on the bandage clip and bled into the costume.

Do you have an all-time favourite storyline?
The love triangle with Dee and Tess was fun, and the surgery takeover stuff gave me the chance to do some interesting scenes with Alan (Karl) and Jackie (Susan).

Can you reveal something about yourself, that people may be surprised to know?
I am a painter of pictures and have had six exhibitions. I have also illustrated five books.

Star sign: Sirius
Pets: Dust mites
Favourite Actor: Ray Winstone, Kevin Spacey
Favourite Actress: Cate Blanchett, Sasha Horler
Favourite Movies: Nil By Mouth, Breaking the Waves
Favourite food: Dry baked potatoes sliced open and sizzled with cold pressed organic virgin olive oil and Tamari topped with fresh ground black pepper
Favourite time of year: Autumn
Favourite UK TV show: The Fast Show