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!The majority of these questions are taken from, this section will be updated regularly with the most recent questions being placed at the top!


Do you have any ambition to go to Hollywood?

Hell Yeah! To score work on a big Hollywood feature would be a blast.


Why are you vegan?

Better for me, better for the planet.


Do you work out?

When I have the time.


You have such beautiful eyes. What do you do to make them glitter like they do?

Why thank you. I look at glittery things. Love Mark x


Have you ever thought about bringing out a new line of menswear?

No, but I've been thinking of getting into women's underwear for a while. Love Mark.


Do you like chocolate?

On the right person. Cheers, Mark.


I am a really big fan of yours and was wondering what made you become an actor.

The simple answer is I became an actor because once I tried it I loved it. I love movies and first became inspired to get serious about acting when I saw Robert De Niro in a few films and was amazed by his ability to transform himself. In general, I am inspired by anyone who does good work. Love mark.


Which part of England where you born in? I was born in London and still live there now.

I was born in Portsmouth.Take care in London. Love Mark.


I am a huge fan of yours and think you are an exceptional actor....

Thankyou for your kind words. I will be sending you a photograph and autograph soon. I really appreciate your interest. Take care. Love Mark.


Why are you sometimes credited as Foster Raffety?

I was credited as Foster for a couple of Neighbours episodes as a bit of fun for my mother. Her maiden name is Foster and I reasoned that my father's name was up there but not hers so as a tribute to my mum I did that. Kind of wacky but what the hey. I'm the product of Foster and Raffety hence the name.

Do You Read Many Books?

I do read a bit. I’m reading a good book at the moment called Motherless Brooklyn about a private eye with Tourette’s syndrome. I’m a big fan of the work of Cormac McCarthy and Ian McEwan in fiction but I mostly read non-fiction – I like to learn stuff.